Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will your product interfere with the medications my horse is on i.e. Marquis?

Karbo Combo complements the effectiveness of Marquis in the treatment of EPM and when the horse is kept on a maintenance dose of Karbo Combo, EPM will no longer be able to establish itself in the animal. Follow a two month regimen with the Karbo Combo to restore the horse to a healthy condition. Feed 2oz. both morning and evening for two weeks followed by 1oz. both morning and evening for the next month. Continue to feed the Karbo Combo on a maintenance dose at a level of 1oz. per day to eliminate the possibility of this condition ever recurring. All of the additional benefits of this product are a plus to your horse’s health.

Your instructions say to feed twice a day, but my horse is being boarded and I can only give him the Karbo Combo once a day.
  • Why does it need to be given twice a day?
  • If I don’t have any other choice, should I increase the amount I give once a day?

The reason for twice daily feeding is to keep the blood unit consistent. You can feed the daily recommended dose once a day and it will have the same effect.

Is Karbo Combo a complete vitamin supplement or should I feed something else as well?

Karbo Combo has adequate vitamins for a maintenance level. Performance horses or horses under training stress will benefit from additional vitamins in their rations.

If you have one horse on Karbo Combo could he give something to others through his manure if they eat it?

I was reading on your site how viruses are expelled from the body in the manure and I am concerned for my other horses that are not on the Karbo Combo.

Karbo Combo and Karbo Pellets that are not fully utilized during the digestive process and pass through the horse will not infect another horse exposed to its manure. The benefits of the antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal properties of these supplements effectively control the transmissions of disease and parasites.

What is considered a reasonable period of time to feed the Karbo Combo and hopefully see improvement in a horse?

Depending on the horse’s general condition and level of immune response, Karbo Combo will show decided improvements in 30 days depending on the severity of the conditions listed above.

Have lamanitic/foundered horses been able to return to a grass diet after being put on the Karbo Combo?

If the coffin bone has not been damaged to a great degree during the process of the necrotic founder, the addition of the Karbo Combo as early as possible in a suspected founder position has been very beneficial in salvaging the lamina supporting the coffin bone.

What are the percentages of ingredients, particularly calcium? My horse doesn't tolerate calcium, and we feed a diet that has little or no calcium.

The Karbo Combo and Karbo Pellet formulation contain 6-8% of organic calcium.

I currently feed Platinum Performance with glucosamine. Will the Karbo Combo replace this and does it help with joint function?

Karbo Combo, Karbo Pellets, and Karbo Essentials all have high levels of perna which is extremely beneficial in joint functions and healing.

I have a horse with Shivers and he is on a low carb, high fat diet. Will Karbo Combo contribute to his health and well being?

By stimulating all of the immune functions which include the nervous system, the addition of the Karbo Combo or Karbo Pellet supplements, which have adequate amounts of the elements zinc and selenium, may help correct this condition.

My horse will not eat the Karbo Pellets no matter how I mix them in with his feed. Do you have any suggestions to make it more palatable?

Any product containing flavors that your horse likes i.e. apple, carrots or others added to the Karbo Pellets may be successful in increasing acceptance. The addition of powdered milk replacers are many times very acceptable to the horse and can be mixed with the pellets and the horse feed.

Would any of your products be beneficial to a barrel horse who is a known bleeder? I do not want to have to give Lasix before every run.

Anecdotal evidence has shown over and over that bleeders for whatever the reason are helped in the elimination of this condition when put on a maintenance dose of Karbo Combo or Karbo Pellets.

Do you expect a horse on Karbo Combo to have loose stools initially when started on this product?

At times, horses that are put on the Karbo Combo have an unbalanced digestive tract bacteria flora. The intestinal tract contains over 800 strains of bifido bacteria (good gut bacteria). In eliminating the bad bacteria that are present in many horses and allowing the good bacteria to proliferate with the aid of probiotics, diarrhea of a short duration will take place in many cases.

Every time we run out of Karbo Combo our gelding becomes listless and doesn't eat or picks at his food.

He acts like he doesn’t feel good for about two days and then he starts to feel better. Do you know of this happening? Is it common?

This is a common occurrence in many horses because they love the product and feel extremely good when their nutritional needs are being satisfied 100%. Discontinuing or removing the product upsets their entire digestive and immune systems. Realizing that 80% of the horses immune system stimulation takes place in the gut (Peyer’s patches), removing this stimulation by taking away the vulnerable components provided in the Karbo Combo formula upsets the natural stimulation of the immune system. 

If I put a horse on Karbo Combo do I also need to keep him on a probiotic?

Is it okay, while on the maintenance dose of Karbo Combo to also feed a probiotic once or twice a week?

The Karbo Combo and Karbo Pellets have a great number of probiotics in each gram of material. In my opinion, the addition of any probiotics at this time is not necessary as long as the horse is on a maintenance dose.

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